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Move Up in Information Technology

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Ascend \əˈsɛnd\ – verb – to move upward

Ascend IT Staffing’s goal is to work with both our client companies and individuals seeking opportunities to allow them “to move upward” in Information Technology.

We use a team approach to best serve the needs of the individual and the hiring company. Our team works hard and is honest with you. Sometimes the right path is not the easy one. We are honest and ethical, it is part of our being


We partner with you to understand your organization today, your future goals and aspirations and what it takes to get there.
We work hard to find the right resources to make your goals a reality.
Our senior staff has over 10 years of experience in hands-on IT and IT management.

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Let us help you find your next opportunity

For the individual seeking new opportunities, we have been there before ourselves. Making the right choices to “move upward” in your career is hard. There are always pros and cons in making a decision and we will work with you to sort out the right choice for you.


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